Thursday, March 29, 2012


Time is flying by. My spring break has been going so quickly. It's like trying to fit in five weeks worth of time off into one. I did have a blast going to see South Pacific, the musical, at IU Tuesday night. My friends and I stayed up until 6:30am! Last time I did that, someone fixed eggs for me on command. We didn't have any eggs this time.
I've spent hours at doctor's offices and physical therapy for Cam. Good news is that her knee can be active with physical therapy and a brace. It'll be a long four weeks in that thing, but she's managing well. The true test will be her two meets and an invitational this coming week. That's a lot of activity for it in a short amount of time! I hope she does well. She was doing great before the two weeks off. I hope she comes back up to speed quickly.

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