Sunday, February 26, 2012


I'm not a die hard Oscar fan, BUT...
when I was younger, I used to fantasize about being up on stage and accepting an Oscar, an Emmy, or a Tony for some exceptional performance. I wanted so badly to be that actress -- the one that everybody was moved by. I wanted to be the one that was proud of her supporting role. You see, I would have been a great supporting actress; I didn't ever want the lead role. I loved playing those parts that the audience fell in love with. I wanted, or envisioned, myself playing a role that people couldn't resist rooting for. After watching The Help this past year, I remember yearning for a role in a movie like that. I hope it wins tonight, and I hope the actresses that played in the film get recognized for their amazing performances. That movie is one that I'll never forget; the emotions it evoked in me were radical. If The Help and its actresses don't win, the Academy is doing America a disservice. As for me, my dreams were never accomplished. I didn't go on to be an actress, so I have to live my dreams through other actress's works. I'll be on pins and needles during tonight's Oscars.

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