Friday, February 24, 2012


We've finally got the right contact lenses for Cam. She had glasses previously, but since going to the eye doctor a few weeks ago, she was told she HAD to wear her glasses full time now, whereas before was only as needed. So, that means she has to have her vision corrected while she plays sports, too. That warranted contact lenses for those sporting events like soccer, basketball, etc. We tried one pair out then had a follow up appointment a week later. The lenses were burning her eyes terribly, and she couldn't see out of them very well. So, the doc changed her lenses to a moisture lens. Then we had to return a week later again for a re-check. This time she was more comfortable in the lenses and her vision was better. That means we've found a lens for her, but that also means that the lens is more expensive than the first one we tried because of the higher moisture content. Phew. Finally. Now, tonight, we'll see how she fares at her indoor soccer game. Maybe she'll see those shots coming at her in goal a little better.
And...and...the baby will be here ANYTIME!! Doctor said so. C'mon, Krea -- get that baby out! I'm ready to hold her!

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