Monday, June 06, 2011


Yesterday we attended one of our best friend's daughter's graduation party. This is the second one I've gone to so far. Yesterday it really hit me that this time next year, my eldest will be walking across that long stage receiving her diploma. Even moreso, she'll really be "graduating" in December and will just participate in the actual graduation ceremony then in June. She'll have already had one semester of college under her belt by the time she gets her actual paper diploma. That, to me, is just amazing. I was a bit choked up yesterday just thinking about it. And I was the mom who swore she'd never cry at her kids' graduations. Yeah, that was me. But now, my tune has changed. I am more sentimental about it all. It makes me wonder if I've done right raising her; how my mistakes have impacted her; how my guidance has helped her, if any. It feels weird. It feels unreal. And I have a whole year to dwell on it. Great.

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