Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I didn't have time to post yesterday, my middle daughter's sixteenth birthday. So, today is her first full day as a sixteen year old. And she's not home. She's at Purdue. This is the first time she's ever really been away from home like that. She's stayed all night at a friend's house here in town, but not far from home. She sounded a bit homesick last night on the phone. But that's to be expected. She gets to come home tomorrow. I think she'll be ready to. She has learned how to do the shotput spin instead of doing the glide like she does now. The Purdue coach said it is too hard on her knees; she's too tall to be trying to get that low to the ground when she does the glide. So, she's learned the spin now. She and I are both excited about it. I hope it gives her more momentum to throw farther. I'm going to practice with her when she returns home. So, once again this week, I'll make the long haul to Purdue to pick up my sixteen year old. That sounds weird.

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