Thursday, March 31, 2011

Off to a great start!

Tonight was Cammi's first high school track meet. It was in Austin, IN and was a triangular meet. Scottsburg, Austin, and Jennings County all competed against one another. Cammi threw shotput and discus. She came in first in shot! She threw three pretty nice throws. Her farthest, the second throw, was 32' 11 and 3/4". That was the winner! After her second throw, I told her, "If you throw 33', I'll buy you a puppy." She just couldn't quite do it. Her next throw was 31' some odd inches. So, we've got a great foundation to build on for the year. Her throwing coach said that if she keeps up in the 32-34 range, she would most definitely make it in sectionals. We're so excited. Also, Lucy (a senior who went to state last year in shotput) told Cammi: "Look at it this way; when I was a freshman, I was throwing 27-29'." That makes us so hopeful! If she could improve that many feet like Lucy did by the time Cam is a senior -- lookout! So proud of you, Cam! Keep it up!

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