Sunday, March 20, 2011

Embarking on a Journey

Tomorrow we will be embarking on a journey that could potentially influence the rest of our lives here in my household. We are beginning our college visits for my eldest daughter, Mak. Tomorrow we tour IU Bloomington, the place where I went to college. I wonder if it will impact Mak like it did me when I first set foot on the campus. I just felt alive and at home. I'll be anxious to see what effect it has on her, if any. I am excited to be going to Btown. I love it there. It has an electricity that energizes me. I'm ready to feel that and experience that with my daughter. I'll be proud to have her attend the college I attended if that's what she chooses to eventually do. If not, that is her choice, and I'll accept whatever college she thinks will fit her best. Tuesday we will visit Hanover College near Madison. We've been on the campus for a basketball tourney before, but never toured campus in its entirety. And then on Wednesday we will venture down south to IU Southeast in New Albany, Indiana. I have attended there for a summer class, so I'm a little bit familiar with it. I am looking forward to the new chapter in our lives. Sure, it's scary, but it is a good thing, too. My baby is growing up and becoming an adult. It feels weird, but it's nothing I can't handle. Btown, here we come! :)

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