Monday, March 14, 2011

Fab Five

When I was becoming an adult and getting ready to graduate high school, there became this baskteball phenomenon known as the "Fab Five". These five players played basketball for the University of Michigan. They were trendsetters, outlandish ball players, and created enough hype for a million dollar merchandise business. After a couple of years, the team fell apart due to many circumstances. The team, however, was featured in an ESPN movie last night titled "Fab Five". We watched it and were enthralled in reliving the story. My middle daughter, who plays basketball, loved it. She is watching it again tonight with some friends of ours who didn't get to watch the movie in its entirety. I loved reminiscing about those years. The NCAA tournament was IT back then, even moreso than it is today, in my opinion. Damon Bailey was playing for IU, Duke had an incredible team, and so did University of North Carolina. Wow. The good old days. I can remember when Chris Webber (of Michigan's Fab Five) called that last second time out when Michigan didn't have any, creating a technical foul that cost Michigan the final game. It was devastating. That team was so much fun to watch. They had it all.
If you haven't had a chance to watch the ESPN movie about the team, I recommend it. Great insight into the minds of legends.

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