Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I think she could see herself there

Our last college visit this week was today at I.U. Southeast in New Albany, Indiana. When we got there, the clouds were swirling together and it was getting dark. By the time we were in our first information session in admissions, the sky had turned a dark gray with lightning and thunder abound. Then the rain started pounding against the windows, sounding like a tornado could well be on its way. It looked like our campus tour might not happen. Then, after the admissions counselor was finished speaking, the rain stopped, the clouds lifted, and it turned sunny again. We were going to be able to go on the tour after all. We toured the academic buildings, the library, and then went to the lodges. They are like small apartments, compared to a normal dorm. We were impressed with the lodges. I think Makaili liked the fact that she could have her own room with a door, having communal space in the living room and kitchen of the dwelling. I think it was just the right mixture of a school -- small, homey, and connected to IU. I'm just hoping that the winter semester she starts at IUPUC will not be difficult to transfer to IUS in the coming fall. IUS said she would just have to stay in contact with the admissions office to make sure she's taking classes that will be necessary to her IUS degree. Wow. It is so much to take in! I can remember doing all of this for myself as an adult, but it is a lot to digest for a seventeen year old. It's a lot to put on a teenager's shoulders. I'm hopeful, though. I'm excited for this next chapter in her life. I hope she is, too. We may have another IU degree in the family! So happy about that!

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