Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Last Sunday the girls and I got to go on a wonderful "field trip" with the JCMS choir. We had the chance to go see the Broadway musical, Wicked in Indianapolis at the Murat Theater. It was kind of crazy driving through downtown Indy over by Mass Ave. I haven't been there in years. Yeah, I've been in Indy, but not on that edge of town. The musical was great. I, naturally, cried when Elphie sang "Defying Gravity" and flew on stage. She belts out this tune and it goes right through me. Theater gives me electric vibes that nothing else can besides a good set of music. I'm glad the girls had a chance to see the wonderful show.
Today was our last school day and now our Christmas break begins. I'm so ready for it. I need a break from middle schoolers. And it is supposed to be a white Christmas!! (Do not confuse my enthusiasm with love of winter and snow. This is only one day that I like to have snow on the ground! Not an entire season.)

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