Sunday, December 26, 2010

A very merry Christmas

The holidays are drawing to a close as far as Christmas goes. Sure, there's the new year to contend with, but the fever of Christmas is dwindling down. My girls have had a good Christmas. They received money, a new bicycle, a new cellphone, DJ Hero 2, and more. We had fun playing dirty bingo at Grandma's house and look forward to our last Christmas tomorrow at Mom and Dad's. Tonight our little circle of adult girlfriends are getting together to do a Colts gift exchange, watch the game, and eat some hearty snacks. I'm sure there will be a friendly game of euchre as well. (Some cheat better than others...)
We have basketball tournaments coming up, a trip to Clarksville, and a new year celebration. It'll be a busy week, but one that I'm sure to enjoy. Make those new year resolutions everyone! The time has arrived!

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