Wednesday, December 01, 2010

among other things

I have a lot going on. Period. I know - who doesn't, right? But, this is my blog, so I'm allowed to complain or explain.
Since the car accident, I have been without a vehicle. However, out of the kindess of her heart, my co-worker is letting me borrow hers. But, just how long am I expected to do that? You'd think since this accident was another girl's fault, the rental car thing should be expedited soon. Nope. No one but me is in a hurry to do anything about it. No big deal to anyone else but me.
I go to get the police report today after school and I get to the bulletproof window to ask the attendant for the report. She questions me very curtly, "Who are you? Who is this for? When was the accident?" So, I gave the necessary information. She then begins to write me a receipt for the five dollar fee she is about to charge me for the report (see also "ripoff"). When I get ready to hand her a ten, she says, "Oh, ma'am, we don't give change here. You'll have to go get change and then come back." Oh, okay. So I have to make a trip to the nearest gas station to get change for a ten. Naturally, I must buy something to get change (see also "ripoff"). I do so. I get a five and three ones back and head back for the sherrif's office. Back into the front door I go to the bulletproof glass window. Obviously the not so nice woman recognizes me. She waits (impatiently) for me to hand her the five dollar bill. I do so. She then reaches over behind a sherrif leaning his butt on the counter and pulls out my report. She halfheartedly smiles and slyly says, "Oh, looks like he bent it!" with a chuckle. I, at that point, was not amused to say the least. I took my report and waltzed back to my car (oops, not MY car, of course). I was not happy to have spent the twenty minutes I did on the whole excursion. Now, after reviewing the report, it doesn't even have the telephone number of her insurance on there. Just a name. Perfect. Just perfect. More run-around work for someone to do. I say, not ME. That's what I'm paying insurance for. So, take that, someone.
Just think, by this time next year, I ought to have a rental car.
In other real dad is in the hospital. And, nothing new, I can't be there in Florida to be with him. He is not doing too well according to my half sister. I wouldn't want to see him this way, she told me. He has been in dire pain for four days, lying in the hospital waiting. The doctors had to check his heart because they didn't think it was strong enough to make it through the gallbladder surgery he needed to have. Today they did an angioplasty and found that the many stints they have in his heart are all open, so he is good to go on the surgery. He will have it tomorrow. My stepmom said that he is sleeping from the angioplasty surgery at the moment. He won't have much time to rest from that until he has to go right into another surgery tomorrow. It sucks being so far away and not being able to get there to be with him and my brother and sister. I feel helpless. Just another one of those things that I have to deal with being the biological daughter who lives so far away, uninvolved. I hate it. So, I went to church tonight to make sure I keep my focus. One of my very good friends there listened while I spilled the beans about all that is going on. She hugged me and told me what I needed to hear. I love her for that. Thank goodness I have supportive church friends.

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