Friday, December 24, 2010

Santa Claus is coming to town

If you've been good, Santa is coming tonight. Get excited!
As of this very minute, I have not wrapped a single gift for anyone yet. I know! Total slacker. Truthfully, the girls are always right here beside me, so I don't have the opportunity to wrap their gifts without them seeing me carry them in, or waltzing in on me in the act. Guess there are a few hours left to get them finished.

Mom, the girls, and I are all going to church service at 5 tonight. I'm glad I talked her into it. I hope they sing all kinds of good Christmas songs in the service. It's not the traditional church service. It is really good, though. I'm looking forward to it. Keeps me focused on Him.

This year our Christmas visits to relatives is kind of spread out, so we haven't really been rushed like it has seemed so in the past. That's kind of nice. Makes it less stressful.

To all of you out there, have a blessed Christmas!

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