Friday, June 08, 2012

Green Thumb

I planted my potted flowers the other day. Gardening is therapy for me. I get lost in what I'm doing and actually relax a little. It just kind of creeps up on me - the relaxation. Too bad I don't have thousands of dollars to spend on landscaping. I would do it! I'll settle for my potted and hanging planters I guess. Only about a week until Mak's grad party. I'm a bit nervous. Hope all goes well. I've already learned that trying to keep a black car clean is a chore. I learned that rather quickly. I see myself spending quite a bit of cash at the car wash in years to come. Good news, though -- there is a new car wash being put in near us. It is a Mike's Carwash. I'm super excited. It's the best car cleaning wash in the world. I need a "season ticket". I'm also super excited to see my real dad. He is coming for Mak's party. Can't wait to see him. I miss him. Off to get my hair done today. Long trip, but it has to be done. Beauty isn't easy nor cheap, as they say. haha

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