Tuesday, June 05, 2012


Well, we've survived graduation. I was so nervous, not because my little girl was graduating, but because of the logistics of it all. Would it be 100 degrees in there, how long would it last, would we have to park at the elementary school and walk? You know, stupid things. But, it all went well. After the ceremony my parents took us all out to eat. We had fun. We hadn't all been together out to eat in a while, so it was good. And most importantly, I got to drive my new car!! I know, I know, everyone says that black is so hard to keep clean. That's been true so far. But when it shines, it's worth all the hard work. In addition to my new car, Cammi got a car. It was a deal we just couldn't pass up. And Sunday, we took it out for a long drive with the top off. It was a blast! I can't wait to do it again. We drove to Westport, cruised around there for a while, and then drove out toward MUTC. The weather was perfect. So, enjoyable weekend here. Next we have three weekends of fun-filled activities: weddings, graduation parties, etc. Cheers!

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