Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Since I am a yearbook adviser at the middle school where I teach, I have just a tad bit of stress to go along with the job. Now, picture this: a classroom full of antsy, social, loud, hyper teenagers who need constant movement and excitement but are not really motivated to do much of anything productive. Couple that with an intense, deadline-driven task of completing an in-depth yearbook online with many software quirks (AKA problems), and you have yourself one sad story of evil and despair. That, my friends, is what I am up against.
What happens, then, is this; I, being somewhat self-conscious of how this will make me look if the yearbook is horrible, am forced to be the motivated individual who does the MOST work on this book. Hours of slaving, worrying, sweating, planning, executing, and cringing. Then comes the anger. Mad at the kids for not giving a shit, mad at myself for not letting the damn thing flop, mad because I don't get paid enough to put in the work I am putting in on it. I then get up the next day and do it all again. How does this relate to the title, music? The "theme" of the yearbook is Panther Playlist. (as in our mascot and playlist as in iPod and music) Try to stick with that theme for all headlines and graphics. Gets difficult at times. I'm managing, though. I think?!
I hope the freakin' thing turns out well and is something at least I can be proud of. I hope.
On a lighter note -- NOT!!! -- there is a horrible story about a man from my hometown. He got shot in the head at a gas station/convenient mart here in Indiana last Saturday afternoon. He was shot by a random guy who was "distraught" over losing his job and being down on his luck. The victim is still alive. The man drove home, put his gun down on his table, told his wife he shot someone, and called 9-1-1 himself. I mean, seriously? Down on your luck so you shoot someone? Damn. Get some help. He needs locked up for good. After all, if he doesn't get love letters from his wife daily in prison, what will he do then? Eat someone alive? Puhleeeze.

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Hit 40 said...

It's tough! I definitely feel your pain. I worry and work harder to improve their grades than they do. Then, the parents look at you like you did it! Maybe, they should parent and take away the kids electronics!!! But no - this would make them a parent.