Saturday, December 06, 2008

Oh my! A Follower...

Okay. So how cool is this? (Call me "slow", since I was unaware of a feature here I could use...) I now have a follower. She is someone who I literally grew up with. Elizabeth Street. Good ol' small town livin'.
You can't see her face in the pic, but most readers know who she is. (smile, wink)

I am so proud of my girls! Oldest will be turning 15 next Thursday the eleventh. Damn, I'm old. She just went back to playing basketball today from an ankle injury. Scary.
The middle daughter had ten rebounds the other night!! Great glass cleaning, Cam. I think it is so fun to watch her play because she gets great facial expressions and really gets aggressive. Love it!
Youngest daughter will be performing in a fifth and sixth grade choir concert next Thursday night. She has an individual part in it. Kudos!
I am trying to get through the next two weeks of school without pulling my hair out. I had book reports due yesterday so now I have over a hundred to grade. UGHHHH! It has to be done, though, ya know?
It is snowing here. Yuck. I mean, the first snow is pretty, but I can do without the cold. My hands are dry and cracking; I have an ear infection; I am covered in goosebumps. The beach sounds good about now. Any travelers wanna go? I'm game.

Thanks, follower! Love ya!

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