Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Money ill spent

Off to see the doctor. I'm so sick of money being washed down the drain on my damn sickness -- I have been on two rounds of antibiotics ( am still on one) and have been deathly ill. I have been in the house, on the couch or in my bed, since Christmas. I'm not even kidding. So, I am returning to my old doctor, though inconvenient, and telling the doc that I am sick of getting the run around from the physician I am currently with.
I feel as though someone has beat my skull in with a baseball bat, is poking my sinus cavity with pins and needles, and is pulling my lungs out from my body through my nasal passages. If this sounds fun, you're an idiot.
So, what's fifteen more dollars here, twenty-five times two here for prescriptions, and twenty more dollars for another bottle of Mucinex that simply does not work ( I know since I've taken two boxes already)? Damn.

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