Monday, January 14, 2008

You're not going to believe this.

Just when I thought I would have an "ok" night, I begin to clean out the frig (leftovers). I put some rice down the sink where the garbage disposal is located and turned the thing on. Fine. Another bowl of rice and bits of veggies - ate it up, too. Then, when I thought it was time to turn the disposal off, I reached for the switch and heard bubbling - yep, from the other side of the sink. Dirty, stinky, chunky water was coming up from the side of the sink opposite of the one I was using. I turned the disposal off, and water began rising in both sides then. I left it, not wanting to create further damage, until Husband got home. I put the bowls I had recently emptied into the dishwasher when I heard gurgling from its bowels, too.
Husband got home, tried to work on it, ended up getting the wet/dry vac out, and cussing me a storm. Nope, still plugged and smells like hell.
What in the sam hell did I do to deserve this nonsense? Honestly! So, now as we continue to dirty up dishes, we must rinse them in the laundry room mud sink. I seriously need a break here! We have no plumbers that we "know", nor do we have the money to blow on one we don't know. Ah, the joys of living in an historic (code for "old") home. Ain't life grand?!

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mk99 said...

Ever since I read this:

I never put rice down the garbage disposal.

I know, hell of a lot of help now.