Thursday, January 03, 2008

Holidays and Hippos

The holidays are over and it is back to school business tomorrow. The two weeks we've been off have flown by. We have increased the grocery bills, cranked up the heat, and relished in all our new gifts. Now, back to school.

My great Christmas gift was a new Nikon D40 camera from The Husband. I had expressed great want (and need) for the camera but then told him to not buy it because it was just way too expensive. Nope, he did it anyway. I love it. I can't wait to experiment with it when the colors outside are beautiful. I did get to use it for a good cause when the old man next door to us had yet another accident involving his car. (see posts in April/May) The "Crazy Guy" as we call him ran right on through his detached garage with his car for the second time in three weeks. Yep. You heard me correctly. This time he did not take the ENTIRE wall of his garage out like he did a few weeks back. This is because it had just been re-built with more support. Bet the guys who worked on that for a week were pissed!

Here are a few photos, but you can go to my flickr page and check more out. Remember to buckle up!!!

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Annie, The Evil Queen said...

Hey, there you are! I'd stay off the sidewalks when crazy neighborman is driving.