Friday, January 25, 2008

Hoosier Hoops

We are amidst the basketball extravaganza, folks! I have three basketball seasons going simultaneously and drama (play) practice to cart children to. You should see my calendar. It looks like a pencil threw up on it.
We do have a new sink, disposal, faucet, and pipes in the kitchen. Over a thousand dollars later, it is working like a charm. Now when I turn the garbage disposal on, it doesn't sound like shrapnel hitting the blades of an airplane engine. It is actually quiet - like so quiet I could run it while others in the house sleep. Different!

It was below zero here today. Hate it. Makes me wonder just how anyone could play football playoff games in subzero weather. I mean, getting hit by a two hundred pound bully is one thing, but getting hit by one with frozen bones makes me cringe even more.

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mk99 said...

But isn't it pretty?