Sunday, January 13, 2008

There's more than Corn in Indiana?

I'm not sure if it is Seasonal Affective Disorder or what, but I am having a really hard time with where I am right now. I look outside and it is totally BLAH. I live in Indiana, where it seems there is nothing but empty fields of brown. We have had weird weather: rain, flooding, storms, dark days, minimal snow. Now, I do not like snow, don't get me wrong, but what I dislike even more is the atmosphere that appears outside right now. It is so drab. Even snow would be better at this point. (Those of you who really know me are holding your heart right now, not believing you just heard me say what I said. Wanting snow? I've lost it, I know.)
Indiana's weather is just yuck. Unpredictable. Makes me want to move.
It seems I am not alone in my rough times right now. At work, some of us in the Special Ed. department had a heart to heart chat two days ago. From my observations, it seems to be an epidemic - the yucky thoughts and down-in-the-dumps feelings. At least I am not an island here - some feel the same way I do. That is comforting.
By the way, boy within our department suspended for saying, "Well, I guess I'll just blow up the school then!" True, he is not all there mentally, but had to make a point with him that you just don't go around saying those things. Even if you are mentally challenged. You know?

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Paige said...


I'm down on Indiana right now too. It is Nasty and Gray today. But it could be worse, right? We could have last week's rain. Of course, last week it was 60...

I can't help thinking, though, if I hadn't asked for the divorce I'd be in San Diego right now. I couldn't have waited 3 more years.......