Sunday, May 06, 2012

"I'll Have Another"

I am here to tell you I survived another Kentucky Derby race. We were out there all day in the sweltering heat and barely made it. I thought a couple of times I might pass out from heat exhaustion, but I made it. Getting in and getting out are the hardest parts. People are moving in droves and it's awful. But the day of horse racing is fun! I didn't win all day until the actual derby race itself. I placed a two dollar bet on I'll Have Another and won $55. Not bad! I thought for sure Gemologist would place, so I bet on it, too. But no luck. Makaili got her a "Derby Virgin" pin and wore it with pride. We both came home with slight sunburns, but it was worth it. Next two years? Proms for Cammi, I'm sure. So I might not get to go back to the Derby for two more years. We'll see.

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