Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Closet Wars

Today my middle daughter and I tackled the computer room closet today. This was a closet full of anything and everything of the girls' and also my scrapbook things. You talk about a mess! It was that and more.
After over three hours, we got it finished. I purchased, about three weeks ago, three totes that I labeled for each of the girls. Today I categorized and sorted by name. We had fun looking through old photos, journals, and much artwork. I have some talented girls! Makaili is the artist, Cam is the athlete, and Syd is my writer. I enjoyed reading back through things they did as little girls. We laughed quite a bit. Some photos I did not expect to find, but I quickly just put them away.
Next, cleaning the computer room OUTSIDE of the closet. That'll be a job, too.

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