Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Haven't done it

Boy, my big plans for spring break. Big plans. Reading. Who thought I was actually going to get some reading done? I was hoping I would. I feel cheated. I've only been on spring break for one day, I hear you saying. But, that is a day that has gone and passed by without warning. I am regretfully counting down the days I have left. It's so stupid of me, really. Nonetheless, I am continually doing just that.
Yesterday I spent the day helping my best friend clean an apartment she is moving into due to her husband divorcing her. It was rather sudden. Sure, they had had problems, but she never would have thought he would do what he did to her. Now, at age 37 she must become independent again. The apartment is cute, and will do her just fine. I hope all of her "stuff" will fit in it. She has a lot to disperse! I found it empowering to help her onto the next phase of her life without her husband. She has her good times and rough times, but she'll make it in the end. I will be there for her whenever she needs me. So I look at yesterday as a day of service, so to speak. Volunteerism.
Today, I am taking the girls to Columbus so they can hunt for various things. Bathing suit for one, underwear for another, and perhaps at least one pair of shorts for one. I tell you, they are growing faster than I can breathe! Syd has birthday money, Cam has "Nana money" for a bathing suit, and Mak has babysitting money. They can't wait to spend it. Burnin' a hole in their pockets! I have an Applebee's gift certificate (Crapplebee's), so I think I'll take them out to lunch there. Then, it's back to N.V. for some basketball practice. The wicked never rest!
Maybe while Cam practices I can read at least a chapter or two in my book. Perhaps.

In other news... get to go to Pacer game Wednesday night for free (sitting five rows off the floor). I'm thinking some "downtown Indy food" sounds magnificent. Nice addition to the break.

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