Wednesday, March 31, 2010


My classes began reading about Anne Frank yesterday from our literature book. Oddly enough, a phrase caught my attention. We were reading along and the book was talking about how Jews were treated and how they were discriminated against -- how their lives changed once a decree was set forth forbidding them to do many things. In this explanation, there was a phrase about Jews only being allowed to shop in stores that bore the "placard" 'Jewish shop'. Placard. I used to use this word often when I was talking about placing a placard in the dash of someones car to remind him/her to stop somewhere on his/her way home or to pick up something, etc. For example, one placard that used to be used bore the word "CVS". Man, how some things just take us back to a certain place and time. Crazy! Out of nowhere. Insane.
So, those who have memory problems, place your placards in the dashes of your cars to remind yourselves of your errands you need to run. It works!

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