Thursday, April 24, 2008

Per request...

Once upon a time, not long ago, I met this little girl who was trying to find her way. She was in high school, though not yet mature. I was an adult already (in the most bare sense of the word). I was trying so hard to teach her and her classmates things like "Beware the Ides of March" and "Direct objects take the action of the verb" and "Paragraphs are made up of AT LEAST five sentences - I don't care what your previous teachers told you - 3 to 5 don't cut it" and so forth. This little girl wasn't having any of it. Instead, she wanted to sit by Big Boy in the classroom where she could peer into his eyes and watch his mouth speak. She wanted to sleep if she could not do otherwise.

The little girl was quaint and quirky. After some observation on my part, I felt the need to give her a nickname of sorts. It just sort of happened; I didn't really set out to give her one on the spur of the moment. So, after noticing that she rolled her eyes when I told her to do something, or when she used body language to tell me to eat shit and die, I happened to let a nickname slip off the end of my tongue. It came out, "Princess". You know the kind I speak of: a girl who seems to have been given what she wants when she wants it??? Yes, that kind of Princess. The kind that can do no wrong in the eyes of her family. The nickname fit. And it stuck.

Further into the school year, the little girl matured in her own way. She moved on from sitting by Big Boy and sat with her friend, Kelsey most days. The two of them began a tradition of having to go to the bathroom during their English period. They just "HAD TO!" and they had to go together. As if one of them might not be able to find their way back without the other. So, I also began calling the pair of them The Poop Sisters, or The Poop Twins, or something similar. Princess is still in my life today, after five years. She is a big girl now in college. I even talked her into going to MY school, Indiana University. I talk with her often, most of the time more than twice a week. She is my go-to gal on my parenting questions (from a "teen"/young adult perspective); my listener; my ease-your-way-into-having-a-daughter-grow-up consultant; and a person who I love and adore. She doesn't call me her "other mother" for nothing! I have learned so much from her about life and the pursuit of happiness. It is wonderful to have her perspective to ponder. I think it will only make me a better mother to my own daughters. Or so I hope.

Ahhhh, Princess. The story of your birth, so to speak. Perhaps you can rest more easily now? haha

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Queen Bug said...

that's a nice story... thank you for sharing!

You probably don't remember me, I've commented a handful of times, but I check back every once and a while. I do love this post. It's amazing who we can befriend, and great at the same time.