Saturday, April 19, 2008

Everyone's talking about it

Yes, we felt the Illinois earthquake here in Indiana. And in Kentucky (melody), and in Ohio. My daughter Mak was preparing to go to her 8th grade trip to Chicago yesterday morning at 5am. (departure time was 5:10am, so I had to be up against my will) She had been dropped off at school, I had rushed home to return to bed, and I was in the midst of trying to return to sleep. I was in that drunken stage where sleep is not too far off, and the mind is in a fog. I thought I heard a tree limb hit the roof above my head. Then, the bed started vibrating and the bench at the foot of our bed began to hit the bedframe, resulting in a knocking noise. I looked over at the Husband, thinking he was twitching and causing the noise. Nope. The dogs raised their heads and looked at me like, "What are you two doing? IT???!!" Nope. By the time I was about to get out of bed to investigate, my sleep drunkenness came back to me and I dozed off. After waking up Cam around 6:30, she asked me if I felt an earthquake in the middle of the night. I laughed. "An earthquake? Cam, I think it was a squirrel on the roof or something." See, I didn't have a concept of how long the shaking/noise went on. Remember? I was in that sleep fog I spoke of. "Yes, an EARTHQUAKE," she said. I laughed it off. Then Patty got up and turned on the news a little bit later and confirmed it was an earthquake. I was flabbergasted. I never thought that living in Indiana I would experience an earthquake. It was wild!
I called Mak on the bus to Chicago and she said they weren't able to feel it on the bus, but that multiple parents had called their children to ask them about it. I'm sorry she was awake but didn't get to experience it.

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