Sunday, April 13, 2008


We are almost halfway into April and I haven't posted yet. Such a slacker. There for a couple of weeks the weather was decent here, then it all went downhil as of Thursday and Friday this week. It is now back to turning on the furnace. I absolutely hate it!
Cammi, middle daughter, stole the show in the musical Alice in Wonderland, Jr. at her school on Thurs. and Friday. She played the Queen of Hearts, which is a nasty queen who bosses and screams at others. It was great! She didn't even have a microphone on her. She still could be heard by all. I am so proud of her. She could definitely go somewhere with her talent - I mean, this is only her sixth grade year and she projects, sings on key, and enunciates! What a dream.
I took the kids to the movies last night along with multiple friends/girlfriends and such. We saw Prom Night. DUMB!!! The kids had a good time, though.
I have been struck with a sinus headache from hell today. Feel like I am having an out of body experience. Doesn't help that I am anxious about applying for some posted teaching positions and now the website I need to get to in order to do so is "experiencing technical difficulties". Modern technology - ain't it grand?!
It was Little 5 weekend at IU this weekend. A good family friend who attends there called me last evening and said how much fun she and the other Hoosiers were having. I didn't receive further calls from jail, so it must have ended up okay. hahahah
BRING SPRING BACK!!!!!!!! ----- nina

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