Tuesday, August 06, 2013

First Day Activities

Tomorrow is the first day for my students! Woohoo! I am looking forward to putting on my smile and greeting them at the door. I hope to start this school year with a BANG!
A couple of first day (or so) activities:

4X4 activity:
Take a four by four square grid. Make the grid large enough for the students to write in the squares. On the left side of the grid, label each row with a category like lunch foods, things you'd find at school, girls' names, and school supplies. On the top row (across), put a letter. For instance, label the first column with an "R", the next with a C, an S, and a T. Put the students in groups of a few. The groups have to come up with words that fit the criteria. The idea of the game is to come up with something that other groups don't put down, therefore earning your group a point. The group with the most points, wins.

Toilet Paper activity:
Have a roll of toilet paper ready for the first day. After going over your policies and procedures, walk around the room to each student, telling them only, "Take as much as you need." Then, when finished, the number of squares of toilet paper that each student has is the number of comments he/she has to tell about themselves. Some take a little; some take a lot! That's the beauty of it!! It's a nice, fun way to go over introductions.

I hope all of you teachers and administrators out there have a wonderful day! Smile, because you are beautiful!!

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