Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Legendary Artist

Sunday evening, on Father's Day, I was fortunate enough to attend a show at the Murat Theater in Indianapolis. This show was spectacular. By far, it is the best artist I have seen perform in my lifetime. Brian McKnight rocked my world!!
Brian was witty, entertaining with his facial expressions, a great dancer, and comical in his delivery sometimes. He just really knew how to entertain. And his songs? Well, of course, his songs were mind-blowing. He is probably the best songwriter there is. His ballads will bring you to tears. If I could sit and listen to him playing piano on a daily basis, my stress would slip away.
I was lucky enough to get to meet him, too. I have a picture of us in my possession! He is handsome, tall, clean-cut, and has a beautiful smile. He can pique the interest of the females quite quickly! Sunday night's show was fantastic. It's one I'll never forget.

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