Wednesday, May 18, 2011


We just finished a novel, Soldier's Heart, about the Civil War. What I love best about doing this novel is that I get to discuss post traumatic stress disorder, fight/flight response, and relaxation techniques with my students. Today was that day! The last period of the day today, I had this one student who blew me away. After we turned the lights back on and I let them readjust to the light, RR said to me, "Wowwwww! That was awesome, dude! Tell me other ways to relax? Do you know any? It was like my legs were part of the floor. I was sooo relaxed! Thank you so much!" He just went on and on. He wanted a "copy" of everything I said during the relaxation time, etc. I was amused and flattered. I had no script; I just did it. I love it when one of those moments happens. Makes my year.

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