Monday, February 08, 2010

Under the knife

My dad is having surgery tomorrow - quite an invasive one. This is on the man who works eighty hours a week; the man who never misses work for a sick day; the man who goes to the doctor about three times a year. I plan on taking a personal day to be there for him. Of course, there is much snow in the forecast, so who knows if I will truly have to burn one of my personal days at all. We may end up not having school, who knows! I tend to believe school will be in session, though. Just when you PLAN on not attending, it happens that school is still on schedule. When you don't expect it, it happens. I don't care if we have a snow day tomorrow, I just don't want to be out for the week or more than one day. I would much rather have my time off in May and June! Let school dismiss for the year when it is supposed to, not later.

My heart is very heavy. Hurts terribly. Can't give any more info than that.

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