Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The Hunger Games

I am currently reading a young adult novel titled The Hunger Games. This is a novel packed full of suspense and anticipation. It reads more like an adult novel than a young adult one. There is already another novel in the series in hardback which I will be ordering from my language arts class's book club. We are trying, as a whole, to read 100 books so that Peyton Manning will donate a million books to needy children. This is a competition through Scholastic Book Clubs that faces Eli and Peyton Manning off in a healthy, worthwhile competition where classes across the nation pick one side or another having needy kids be the ultimate winners. What more could you ask for? Books are an invaluable part of my life, and it is my hope that more young adults pick up the reading habit. It's a good habit to have!
Tonight I go to my Survivor Book Club meeting at the middle school where I am off to discuss a recent book I have read along with middle schoolers who have also read the book. Then, I will make a booktalk presentation to the group in hopes that some will choose to read what I have read again so we can discuss the themes, characters, and more next month. Won't you join in and catch the reading bug, too?
What good books have YOU read lately? I'm always looking to add to my list...


Eric said...

I love the Hunger Games and Catching Fire, I can not wait for book 3 and the movie. :D


Melody said...

A co-worker convinced me to read the Rick Riordan Percy Jackson series. I am on the second book - The Sea of Monsters. Pretty good, but the first book was better.