Thursday, September 03, 2009


My mom is now home for good. She got back Friday night. My family went to see her on Sunday evening, and I have talked with her on the phone every day since she arrived home. I have seen her all but two days. Sunday night we had a taco dinner at mom's with my dad cooking the meal. I know!! How crazy is that?! We watched the last game of the little league world series and ate tacos. Mine was chicken taco salad; no red meat, of course. It was tasty. It felt good knowing that I didn't cave to greasy food that would leave me feeling bogged down and sick to my stomach.
Cam and I went to the doctor on Tuesday. We both have sinus infections. The doctor couldn't believe I waited twelve days before going to an appointment. Couldn't help it. Couldn't miss work. So, the antibiotics have had time to kick in and I feel much better.
Last night I went to a meeting with mom at my church. It is called Celebrate Recovery. At one point, we both were crying, naturally. It was good to get to spend time with her in that capacity. A bit of healing time. I think we'll go back again. It is really powerful when music can move you. An associate pastor at my church is just simply gifted with music talents. He has been offered some really amazing record deals, but he has declined them because it wasn't what was right for his life at the time, he said. ( I did the website's biographies for the staff of the church - inside information.) That man can move me to tears. I love to just sit and listen to him and the other members play. It can be transforming.
Off to get dinner completed!

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