Saturday, June 13, 2009

School Days

I have one week of school under my belt. I've written many things - I've written about college, my girls, my grandmothers, The Heilman's who lived down the road from me while I was growing up, and someone's addiction. Going through many memories this week and writing about them has actually been quite exhausting. Plus, I must drive an hour one way to get to class, so that is tiring as well.
Some good friends of ours left at 4am this morning for Florida. I'm so jealous. They'll be staying on a white, sandy beach while I am here in crappy Indiana. It looks as though a trip to see my dad is out of the question. He is coming up here, though, so we'll at least get to visit with him a little bit.
I miss my teacher friends from school. The ones I ate lunch with every day are greatly missed. The laughter was much needed during the school day. Now, I miss laughing with them just out of pure fun. I've seen a few of them here and there and have gotten together with a couple of them sporadically. I need a big get together to catch up with them all!
A week from this Sunday is Father's Day! Don't forget to remember your Dads.

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