Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Hello, edge. GERANIMO!

That's me, going over the edge; off the deep end, as they say. It's happening.

Daughter went to school with me today so that I could immediately take her to the doctor (hour and 15 minutes away from my school) on my prep, while someone covered my last class for me. Once the administration finds out, they'll probably nab me. Does it get any better?

So, doctor says that she probably has whooping cough. The one they vaccinate babies for? Yep. Seems as though there is now a resurgance of the illness, more common among adults, but can happen to anyone. In China, doc said, it is called the "100 day cough". There apparently is a window in which, if given the CORRECT antibiotics, it can be curbed. He believes we are still within that window. Good news? I guess. Bad news? Nothing you can do about supressing the cough. Absolutely nothing. The antibiotics just have to work (which takes days, you know). In the mean time, suffer. He could have taken an expensive, unreasonable blood test to be sure, but he said it doesn't make the treatment any different, so why not just give her this change of antibiotic to cover all bases. Sure, I agreed.
I pay the co-pay and move on to the pharmacy. I am called back to the pharmacy, which resulted in me being told my insurance said they cancelled us yesterday, and that the generic form of her medicine would be $55. I called the Husband. He was angered, but said pay it and he'll send it off manually. Enraged, I called the company Husband previously worked for (not more than 3 weeks ago). Yep, the benefits don't continue the full 30 days past the day of termination/resignation. They end on the last day of the month in which the employee still worked there, hence the benefits ending yesterday. Screwed. Plainly screwed.
So, now that the Husband is at a new, better company, we are uninsured until November 9th. And with my luck, who knows what the hell will happen. I said to my daughter on the way home: "God help us all that we don't have a car wreck or break a bone!"
Oh, the luck. I'm lookin' over the deep end, ready to jump. (no bungee cords attached)


Annie, The Evil Queen said...

Dude. I'm so sorry. At least she now has the correct medication. But what a drag. The whole insurance thing is nonsense. Aren't there laws about that kind of thing? I've got my fingers crossed the rest of you can stay healthy until the end of next week.

Candi said...

Biz had whooping cough... Let's say that one blue faced baby and a trip to the ER later, I now know the unfortunate signs... They gave her a cough medicine combined with a steroid that relaxed her lungs.

I really hope this is the end of a horrible story and it doesn't continue for you all, and for GOD's SAKE - stay at home in bubble wrap until the 9th!

aka Brandi said...

Bubble-wrap. Good idea. I was going to suggest pulling your down comforter over your head and playing dead, which is my favorite way of dealing with crap like this...

Amy said...

You're forgetting something very important.

You're doing it. You. Are. Doing. This.

Some people give up, flop around in the floor crying, use drugs, drink too much, abuse their children, abandon their children, neglect their children, you name it. Look around.

Not you.

You're taking care of your family. Your grandmother told you there would be days like these. There are a lot of days like these. It is how you handle these days that makes the difference.

wordgirl said...

Don't jump. Insurance is a scam and everybody knows it. We're all on your side.

Dan said...

Sorry you are having a rough time. I hope your daughter feels better soon.