Tuesday, May 27, 2014

End of It

Today marks the end. The end of another school year. One more in the books, people. I'm sitting in my classroom listening to Brian McKnight and trying to get everything squared away before I have to surrender my keys to the main office. Everything is off the walls, all of my novels are packed up, and there are no more infamous magnets on the boards everywhere. It has all been stowed away for the summer. I feel like I'm forgetting something, as I always feel. Oh, sure, I can always come back in if I do remember what I've forgotten, but who wants to do that? Not me!
On a more personal note, I've been ridden with anxiety.
My middle daughter is graduating high school in less than a week. Her open house isn't until June 8th, but I am overcome with anxiety. I can't even really tell you what I'm anxious about other than a looming scrapbook project I have to get done before the 8th. Yes, as expected, I've not started the scrapbook(s) I plan on doing for Cammi's graduation open house. I did them for my oldest daughter, and now I must carry out the tradition for my middle daughter. Along the way, in planning for this book, I noticed that I do not have nearly the photos of my middle daughter as I do my oldest. That's not a real newsflash for you mothers out there. As with each sibling, the number of pictures seems to dwindle. I have realized that. And I feel horrible about it. The other thing I am ashamed of is that I have roughly 1,000 pictures on my camera SD card that I need to go through/print. That is horrible! And I bet I don't get that accomplished before the scrapping takes place. I'll have to print specific ones like the prom and shot put throwing ones. So, yeah, there's that. Perhaps that's why I feel anxious.
One thing out of the way is the traditional Tiffany & Co. graduation gift. I'm proud to say that I got that accomplished yesterday. I only hope it is something that my own girls can pass down to their daughters someday. That would be awesome. So I'll splurge on an heirloom. And I did.
Well, the day is coming to a close here. It's time to check out with the main office and hand in the keys. Until we meet again, room 33. Until we meet again.
Happy Summer To You All!

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