Monday, October 08, 2012

I Fall for Fall Break

October is my favorite month. The leaves change colors, the wind picks up, and the temperatures drop. Wearing shorts with a sweatshirt is my favorite way to spend the day. I've gotten all that and more this October already. Today I will extend my happiness to inlcude Huber Winery where I will taste wine, venture out into the pumpkin patch and pick out a perfect one. We will then bring out pumpkins home and paint our intials on them to display on the porch. No carving for this mama! The girls have grown out of that stage.
My birthday is also this month. This weekend, to be exact. I really don't want to turn another year older, one more year away from forty. But I'm doing my best to face it, and get over it. I, however, need a huge life change in the next year. I need to crawl out from behind the mask and face the music. I need to see what the world outside my little circle is like. I need different surroundings. I'm not lacking motivation; it's the frightening part of change I'm worried about. So, let's start with today. I'll take my girls and go with my bestie to see the beautiful winery and bring home our artistic muses.

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