Wednesday, October 05, 2011


I can remember when Cammi told me that Coach Gray was trying to recruit her for a soccer goalie. We discussed it at length and decided that she just couldn't juggle it and basketball over the summer; that the season for soccer would be brutal. I sent Coach Gray an email that said we just couldn't swing it. She told me last Friday night when I talked to her that she could remember getting the rejection email. She said she had about five drafts of a reply for me written, but told herself not to send one right away; she told herself to just go to lunch and revisit it afterward. So, she said she went to lunch and came back to another email from me. This one said maybe we would consider it - that maybe Cam was interested in playing after all. So, she said she was practically jumping up and down with excitement. And so it went - that's how it all started. Now, tomorrow is the first game of the sectionals. It has been a great year for Cam. She's got a lot of playing time in and has enjoyed the season so much. She has greatly enjoyed having Coach Gray and Coach Beal as her coaches. They are so down to earth, unlike some coaches she has had in the past. Cam has truly felt appreciated on the team. And for that, I'm thankful. It has been a confidence booster for her. And she has needed that.
So for this soccer season, I'm thankful. I've loved being the proverbial "soccer mom" as they say. I hope to continue the positivity with winter indoor soccer. I don't think I'll miss basketball one bit. Besides, I have the boys' basketball team to watch if I ever get the fever for a good game. And I don't have to run anyone back and forth to practice for that. Amen, sister. Amen to that.

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