Monday, November 15, 2010

Teenage Queen

It is so difficult to raise a teenage daughter these days. I have three. There's image issues, friendship issues, responsibility issues, overdramatization issues, and much, much more. Of course, anyone with teenage daughters knows this. I'm not telling anyone anything they didn't already know. But sometimes, just sometimes, it gets to a mom. Enter, me.
I have a full time job with one of my girls just making sure to remind her to get her homework, her coat, her shoes, her dance shoes, her practice uniform, brush her teeth, put on deo, and take a shower. (not in that order) This wears me out! Seriously. Then, to top it off, she acts like I should never prompt her to do anything. Like she wouldn't "forget" if I didn't remind her. Ugh.
And this, too, shall pass as they say. Boy, it sure doesn't feel like it sometimes.
I guess I just need to remind myself that they'll all be out of the house soon enough and then I'll be complaining that it's too quiet or something. Right? Right. Consider me reminded.

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