Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bucket List

I've received a few leads on some items to mark off my bucket list, pending my accomplishments of the said events.
1. Attend Kentucky Derby -- May 1.
2. Gallop/run on a horse -- anytime -invitation has been extended to me.
3. Have a savings account with money actually in it - if I have twenty dollars to bet on the day I cross off item #1 on here, perhaps I could win big and open an account. *Not counting on this one coming to fruition! It's always nice to dream big, though.

My schedule is so hectic - if only you could see my desk calendar at school - looks like a battlefield for colored pen markings. Sometimes I seriously don't know how I do it all. Mothering three girls is frazzling at times. Cam's big dance is coming up in a little over a week and a half. Her musical is this week/weekend. She has two track meets, basketball practice, etc. Mak is starting work. Syd has a fitting for her dance uniforms. I have computer Mobi training at work. I have to work a track meet this week. I have a faculty meeting. Going to the Derby Saturday. Syd has an overnight event at church Friday night. Ugh! Busy, busy, busy.
Oh, as a side note...broke up my fourth fight at school on Thursday. This one was bloody! Gross.

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