Monday, November 10, 2008

For Pete's Sake

Someone told me today I should write a book about what has been going on in my life. True, it is quite unbelievable, however, I think I could speak about it much easier than I could put it down on paper. It just seems like it takes way too long to write each letter, each word, each sentence. I am a writer, but this is one thing I don't think I can get out on paper efficiently.
If my friend out there is reading, it is so great to hear from you. I have missed you so much - words can't express how deeply regretful I am to have lost so much time with you - all those life events of yours I have missed out on. It pains me to think of all the things I could have partaken in - Belize? Man...
Something ironic - yesterday I was going through a box of high school things when I came across a card and piece of paper with messages from people on it. It was from when I had my tonsils taken out at age 16. One of the messages stated, "Please hurry up and come back to school. Class isn't the same without you giving Miss Bruns a hard time!!" Miss Bruns, one of my high school teachers, was killed on her bicycle that she rode every single day thirty miles by a drunk driver on Halloween around 4pm. I attended her candlelight memorial service a week ago. It was difficult for me to get through. I also returned to my high school and taught with her for a year. How ironic is it that I found that note yesterday, a week after this happened. Funny how life deals you odd things. (The "hard time" I gave her was nothing more than making her life fun at school when I was her student. It wasn't like I was the student who was giving her a hard time by misbehaving.) She was always trying to get me to join the high school softball team. I never did.

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Hope said...

I love you.